Keep Your Hardwood Floors Beautiful with a Buff and Coat

Buff and Coat Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors are beautiful. A properly maintained hardwood floor can last a lifetime, but the challenge can be to keep your floors in beautiful shape over time, especially when your floors are in high-traffic areas. If you have hardwood flooring in your home, it is important that you know how to maintain and preserve the beautiful finish. Over time, you can expect your floors will sustain some damage from normal wear and tear. An important part of keeping your hardwood floor in top shape is the buff and coat process. Every few years, a hardwood floor should undergo a buff and coat procedure which will maintain the beauty of the flooring.


If you notice your hardwood floors are dull and have only minor scratches, buffing and coating the floors is the perfect solution. Buffing and coating is less intensive and less costly than other restoration solutions because it only involves the upper layer finish. The phrase buff and coat describes the process of sprucing up an existing coat of polyurethane by top coating it. A buff and coat every few years can greatly extend the life of your hardwood floors as it will refresh the polyurethane. Polyurethane is the top layer of the wood that functions to protect the wood underneath it. The layer of polyurethane becomes thinner and more scratched each year. If you let the protective layer deteriorate for too long, it will eventually expose the bare wood underneath it to damage from shoes, pets, spills and dirt. This could lead to damage that can only be repaired by sanding the entire floor. Before this protective coat becomes too thin, it is best to refresh it with another coat.


If you want your hardwood to stay looking as beautiful as it did when it was first installed, regularly buffing and coating the floor is important. The buffing of the top layer will get rid of that dull, worn-out look. You will preserve the colour of the wood as buffing allows the stain of the floor to shine through. You can extend the look of  hardwood because regular buff and coat may possibly eliminate the need to sand the floors frequently. Too much sanding can eat away at the floor’s protective layer, causing the wood to become too thin. Buffing and coating is a gentler process. The buff and coat process is extremely convenient because it can be done in one day with practically no dust or mess.



Preventative Maintenance for Buffed and Coated Hardwood Floors


A fresh buff and coat will remove minor scrapes, scratches and scuffs and will instantly restore that newly installed sheen to your hardwood floors. Learning how to maintain your hardwood is essential for protecting and maintaining your beautiful investment. Hardwood flooring may seem high maintenance, but once you establish a routine, you will find that the upkeep of freshly buffed and coated floors will not seem so difficult.


It is best to use rugs if you have hardwood floors in a high-traffic area. The rugs will collect the dirt and debris from shoes before it gets to the flooring. Dirt and debris can act like a razor blade, scratching and damaging the finish on your floor. When choosing rugs, be careful not to choose rugs that have a latex coating on the back. The latex coating can sometimes discolour the wood flooring.


Avoid walking on your hardwood floors with high-heel shoes or cleats, which can scratch the finish or dent the floor. Place felt pads on the bottom of furniture legs to help minimize scratches. If you need to move furniture, it is best to pick up the furniture pieces and move them. You risk damaging your floors when you slide the furniture across the room.




Regular Maintenance Tips for Buffed and Coated Floors


Hardwood floors are a great addition to any home. Buffed and coated hardwood floors require regular maintenance to keep them in the best possible condition. Hardwood floors should be cleaned on a regular basis to remove dirt from between the floorboards. Avoid using a wet mop, which can eventually dull the finish of the wood. Sweep your freshly buffed and coated floors with a dust mop, or vacuum the floors with a vacuum that has special hardwood floor attachments. 


Only use products that are meant for wood floors. Using any product that is not specifically for wood floors could cause more damage to your buffed and coated floors. This can end up costing more money to have the floors repaired.

Any spills on your wood floors needs to be cleaned up immediately using a soft, dry cloth. Allowing spills to remain on hardwood floors for too long could leave a stain patch. The spill can damage the finish as well as damage the wood.


Finding the best way to maintain your buffed and coated floors will take some time and patience, but with the right techniques, you can keep your floors looking their best.



Hire a Professional for Buffing and Coating Hardwood Floors


If you are tired of looking at the same dull wood floors every day, you should consider a hardwood flooring buff and coat. A well buffed and coated floor can look deceptively new and will leave you feeling proud at how modern and classic your floor looks, as well as adding value to your home. The best way to get this feeling is to hire a professional in the GTA to buff and coat your hardwood floors.


Sometimes it can be difficult to find a quality contractor whose work you are confident in. This is when it is beneficial to take advantage of a revolutionary system that makes the entire process easy and pleasant. Take advantage of this service and you will be connected with an expert contractor who can assess your hardwood and determine the best solution for you.


A professional hardwood flooring contractor can help you make sense of all the options available to you and come up with the best plan for your needs. Hire a professional in the GTA and you will get outstanding craftmanship and the high-touch service you deserve.